Sunday, October 24, 2004

you're with stupid...that is, if you're with me

so i'm the biggest lamewad ever. my phone number is not the one i've been posting, but one very similar to it. i think that the guy gave me the wrong number from the beginning, because i did the repeat-it-back trick to make sure i had it right. oh well. in case anyone's been calling and getting a busy signal, or someone else altogether, the real number is this:

(602) 867-4676

(sigh) i wish i hadn't screwed that up. i just got back from watching the seahawks lose to the cardinals, which was terrible. it was only made worse by the fact that cardinals fans must be some of the dumbest people ever. seriously, they're really stupid. i think this library is going to be a very common place for me to spend evenings, as i'll be able to read and to be online.

roper is awesome. (just thought i'd say it.)

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Well, I'm an idiot. You told me to post a comment, and I came here, checked the number you posted, and swore that you had it right. Sorry about that. I had a momentary lapse into retardation.