Friday, October 08, 2004


so i had a realization arizona all you need to be a temp is a four year degree, some fingerprints, and an application. apparently the slowest part of the process is the prints, which take 3-5 weeks. so by the end of the year, i may be a substitute teacher. that's right kids, just call me mr. s.

hopefully i'll get the fingerprint packet in the mail tomorrow or monday, finish it in no time, get it turned in, go get school district apps, and have stuff in so i can start sooooooon. that's in addition to the food-service jobs i interviewed for yesterday, and the call to best buy i made today with my new number. hopefully soon i'll be living a real life.

i really am excited about the thought of being a substitute teacher. it would be a lot more enjoyable to be in an "academic" setting than even a coffeeshop or electronics store, and those are my two other best options. plus, the pay, if i can get work three to four days a week, would be better. and it would only be three to four (maybe sometimes five) days a week. plus, i'd be in at least a similar world to my friends, all of us teaching. so that's the latest.


Krispin Mayfield said...

Oh, that is temping.

josh said...

that's not the most common meaning of temping, just the one that comes from school of rock. and the way i prefer to think about it.