Monday, October 11, 2004

why is it that when i try to get to bed early i can't fall asleep?

the majority of the post is in the title. i've just been laying in bed for over an hour, not sleeping, and i'm getting up early to go get luke's application for the apartment and take care of some other stuff. (sigh) man i wish i were sleeping right now. and if not that, then hanging out with someone. no no, instead, i'm sitting here staring at a computer screen and my own writing, imagining that me reading it is someone else talking to me. doesn't it sound like i'm ready to be asleep? or course it does, but that doesn't mean i am.

in case you that that "or course" was a typo-it's not. that happened in a conversation with ashley today and i thought it sounded very much like strongbad, so i put it in here. what's that, you don't think it sounds like strongbad? okay, imagine him saying this:

"hey-a the cheat, do you think these electronic boots are cool?"


"or COURSE the ladies will like 'em, i was just wondering what you the ladies...OR COURSE! the ladies like 'em."

see, just like strongbad. (sleep, please come quickly)


Krispin Mayfield said...

Sounds a lot like Strongbad. Man, I wish this stupid computer didn't have a messed up IE so I could go to more than just blogspot sites... I miss Strongbad. Although, I miss people in Roseburg (and people not in Roseburg) more. Well, my license should be quick in coming. With any luck I might be down in November or December. Not that you, Josh, will be there. Quite more than unfortunate. Oh, and then there's my other possibility. Laura Lenker said that if she's headed down from here (and not her college) she'd call me and she'd let me go down with her. Okay, maybe I should just post about it on my own, since none of this really has to do with the author of this blog. I do miss Roseburg...

Hey, they're playing an old Point of Grace song on the radio...

Anonymous said...

Josh, It's Mitch

as most people i've been really busy...thus i have not posted in a while...while trying to remember my password i found your site...Alas! here i am. I take it by reading all of your posts sence sept your doing well. and for this i'm glad. Hopefully you will find employment, it's a pain in the rear to find though.
i will now be checking up on your site everyday. so post as often as you cam. Farewell good freind of mine.