Thursday, October 28, 2004

the red sox, and other important news

in several hours i will be picking my friend adam up from the airport. he went to wheaton, graduating in 2002, and is a teacher at luke's school, sca. i'm picking him up from the airport because he's flying back from st. louis, where he watched his red sox win the world series. i don't think i'll be able to stand him, because i'm sure his face hurts from being unable to stop smiling.

yesterday at the library i asked a girl for her phone number.

(let that sink in)

(a little more)

i was sitting here, and i turned to go, and i saw my friend jaime sitting at another computer. she graduated the year before me, and i haven't seen her since then. she's living down here by herself and doesn't really have any friends in the area, so i'm glad we ran into each other and i got her number. had the red sox not won, seeing her would have been the highlight of my day.

i doubt that they read this blog, but shout-outs to kelly and nate, as their birthdays are today and tomorrow, respectively. also, good luck to the roseburg boys soccer team, since they're playing right now.

i think that's everything i wanted to say...i'm going to start counting down the days until i leave, i think. although that might be hard, since i don't know for sure when i'm leaving, it could be a "fun" running gag on my blog. that way all of you regulars have something to look forward to checking.

glad you liked that last joke.


Jacob said...

Boys lost, 2-1. Kelly took her driving test; passed the driving part, failed the written. Thought you might be curious. Nate is still alive, so he will very likely reach his birthday tomorrow. I had no idea his birthday was coming up. Or ... pretty much here.
I think it's funny how the world seems to be coming to an end: the Red Sox won the World Series, you're working at Quizno's, I have a girlfriend, there was a lunar eclipse last night, and ... well, I think Measure 36 is going to pass, but it's close enough. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Krispin Mayfield said...

The world is definitely coming to an end: I may very soon end my two year ride-bumming streak. I even bummed rides on the back of my brother's bike in China. I am driving.

The getting a girls' number was very amusing, as was the whole post. I think it's my favorite of the recents. By the way, I was reading Relevant online yesterday, and a lot of the writers reminded me of you. Are you still planning on submitting an article?