Friday, October 29, 2004


i just read a post about a boy from roseburg passing away. i didn't know chris at all, just that he was a good lacrosse player, a good teammate, and a fun guy to be around. oh yeah, and that he had cancer.

this summer a friend of mine from school died while he was serving others in the name of Christ. he died in a car crash. he was serving God and he died in a car crash. that really doesn't make sense, does it?

this summer one of my brother's friends from school died of a blot clot. he had been taking medication. he was around 20. that also doesn't make sense, does it?

you know what, death never makes sense. it's always sad, and because we were originally meant to LIVE, dying seems so unnatural. i'm not trying to sound cheesy, but hearing about chris' death, which makes me very sad, also reminds me just how messed up everything is, how messed up I am (i am the problem), and that we all need God.

specifically, i need God. and i need his grace. thankfully, he gives of his grace and himself more than i could even imagine.


Krispin Mayfield said...

(and now the typical reaction to death... no one's really sure what to say.)

dynamite_fan_77 said...

wish you could have come to the funeral. casey sjorgren and some others made a funny vid of him as rocky. cris will be missed.