Sunday, October 17, 2004

much to say

i finished another book today. i finally heard back from quizno's and will be working there starting tomorrow. luke and i did, in fact, sign the lease yesterday and i moved most of my stuff in. on top of that, i will likely begin living there tonight. hopefully my loliness will wane with the move, which will give me a roommate that is also a great friend, and with the job, which will give me a daily chance to interact with people. isolation is good for a while, it allows one to read, to write, to think, to spend time alone, to spend time in silence, to have "alone" time with God. but i think that being with people is far superior and can benefit all of those things already mentioned, except "alone" time, which i don't think is as important as many evangelicals do...our relationship with God is so shaped by community and his relationship with his people, and he uses others in our lives to such a great extent--and us in their's if we'll let him--that even though we can't have as much "alone" time in community, i think we could be better for it. hopefully i'll get phone and dsl service set-up tomorrow, so that i'm still connected with the world.

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Ruth said...

(Common interest in Blue Like Jazz led me to this blog.) I absolutely agree with your thoughts on Christianity being community and relationally based. So, if not lumped in that evangelical category, how would you describe your experience of Christianity? (I ask because I attend a Presbyterian church and many of them also use the term "evangelicals" to refer to others who are more fundamental. I'm just curious who else does it!)
random weird tidbit: my dad lives in Fountain Hills