Saturday, April 30, 2005

wheaton re-visited

at the moment i am waiting for my (ex)roommate andrew to come pick me up, and then we are going to coffee or breakfast or something like that. so far while i've been here i've hung out with a lot of people, which is fantastic. it's amazing how invested i still am in the individuals who live here. i sat in on a class yesterday, and it got me really excited for this fall when i'm in class again. ahh, how i miss school. jacob, i've told some of my friends that you're going to be here next year, so don't feel awkward if they just come up to you and introduce themselves. i don't know that i really have much else to say. it's nice to be back, and as always, it's completely normal and utterly weird. los burritos is on tap i long for los. it's been since december, and i need a good fix.

Monday, April 18, 2005

frigem fragem blasted network

the other night i posted at school. and then when i went to edit a tehe that should have said the, it blocked me from getting back here. yes, that made me ecstatic. mainly i think that i said school was going pretty well, and then i listed a bunch i've recently read so that others can go read them now. extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safron foer is probably my favorite book for the moment, although my name is asher lev by chaim potok and the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay by michael chabon are close behind. apparently i'm a big fan of jewish authors. i suppose that's about all i have to say right now. stupid "network administrator."