Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playoff basketball

I didn't get to watch the destruction of the Suns the other night, nor did I see the demolition of the Grizzlies on Saturday. But thanks to nba.com running a promotion for two-day free broadband league pass I did watch most of tonight's decapitation of Utah. Decapitation because they lost their head (or heads, depending on what you think about Boozer and Sloan – who both got kicked out). The game was fun to watch. Our defense once again looked pretty good, with nice movement and help from the weak side. And our offense is a thing of beauty. I mentioned as the season started that I thought this team could be like the championship team, a young group who moves the ball well and knows how to score. As we get closer to the playoffs these guys are doing that with consistency, and it's a great sign of what's coming down the road. I know I've mentioned Nicolas Batum before, but I can't get enough of that guy. He's going to be great. And I still love Sergio Rodriguez. I'm ecstatic that he got back into the rotation and has been playing well. Get excited for playoff basketball coming back to Oregon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MaleBlazer? I suppose.

Hilarious quote from "The Optimist."
People who know and accept me for who I am know that, earlier this season, I came out of the closet as a “MaleBlazer.” Although I bleed Wine and Gold, I have a crush on the Portland Trailblazers organization. I always have: back to the days of watching old school Blazers like Bill Walton and Greg Oden when I was a little kid.
Re-read that and don't miss his subtle humor at the very end. Nice.