Saturday, October 23, 2004

in the library

so i wish that i could get internet in my apartment, for the sake of convenience, but there's a library just down the street where i can go to get online, and i don't have to pay for it, which is always good. of course, the problem with that is my posts i've been writing on my laptop that i can't publish without an internet connection. we'll see what happens with those.

in other news: i saw garden state last night. i've wanted to see it for a while, and was really glad i finally went. what a great all-around performance by zach braff--writing, directing, and acting. i don't think i have too much else to say. while i was gone last night luke must have brought a mattress home and then drove to mesa. words cannot describe how much nicer it was to sleep on a mattress than on the floor. well, maybe they can: it was WAY nicer. having a phone has been the highlight of my week...oh wait, other than the sox beating the yankees and the seahawks getting the greatest receiver ever. i've been calling a lot of people, so if you're someone that i haven't talked to in a while, expect a call sometime. or call me, if you'd like. i'm reposting my number because the phone has become that important to me.

602 876-4676

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