Thursday, October 07, 2004

still in a quoting mood

this is from psalm 18, in the message. verses 25-27 or around there:

the good people taste your goodness,
the whole people taste your health,
the true people taste your truth,
the bad ones can't figure you out.
you take the side of the down-and-out,
but the stuck-up you take down a peg.

these verses grab me for so many reasons. i often don't taste his goodness, or realize that the taste i'm getting is his health or his truth. and i can hardly ever figure him out. how discouraging.

except that these verses don't discourage me, because in reading them i taste those things; i realize that God is for me, because i am the down-and-out...and he is even more for so many others that are even lower down and further out than me. in fact, i am grateful that i sometimes get taken down a peg, because that sort of thing reminds me that, while those first few lines are true, without the act of christ, the work of the spirit, and the communion of the church, i would never be able to taste those things.

i often don't spend time reading the bible. i just read a 500 page novel in four days. it was great. i am very glad i did so, as i not only enjoyed myself while reading a good story, but it was something that i can chew on intellectually. in that same time i've continued reading a few psalms. i think God has used the novel in my life, there's no doubt. but i know that the bible is still his inspired word, and while i don't think that life should only be spent with our noses in his word, i do think that more of my life should be spent reading, thinking about, and praying through scripture. am i confessing online? hopefully a priest reads this, with the power to forgive...just kidding...kind really...or am i...sorry, i should go to sleep, i'm going crazy.

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Tasty said...

Loved this entry. It's so good for us to think about our time and how it is used sometimes.