Saturday, October 16, 2004

the lease signing

today is the day...supposedly. right now i'm taking a break from packing stuff back into my car to make the trip into phoenix, where luke and i will be signing our lease at three and then moving in. unfortunately quizno's hasn't called me back yet. my papers should be in process right now so that i can get a fingerprint card, the only requirement other than my official transcript showing i graduated in order to get a certificate to substitute teach. what about all of those other places i applied? oh, you mean borders and starbucks and best buy? i haven't heard a word from any of them. quite disheartening. this could be my last post for a bit, as the apartment is not yet furnished with internet or phone, though those things should be happening soon, maybe as early as monday. i don't believe i have much else to say, i've been poor about posting more of the hauerwas quotes, and for that i apologize. soon, soon. in the meantime, if you've missed my interminable posts about philosophy, check out and read the comments to the post entitled "the heresy." i was quite pleased with myself, and think i really will re-work that a bit and submit it to relevant magazine. (end of bragging...paper, take it home. crap, that only works on strongbad emails.)

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