Friday, August 13, 2004


today i'm going up to eugene, and i may be returning with a new vehicle. the scion xB. it is a little box that gets good mileage and can haul all my crap. not too expensive, either. all in all i think it will be a very good investment. and i'll be completely honest, now that i've reconciled being a christian and having little money with getting a new car, i also want it so that i'm cooler than i am now. yes, i still want to be cool. don miller talks about it in blue like jazz, and i agree. i am hopelessly seeking to be cool, even though i think it is really stupid to do so. arbitrary opinions, unbridled subjectivity, and constant change mean that no one will be cool forever (except ray charles...he was always cool, may he rest in peace). but now he's dead, and while he may still be cool, only God knows if being cool took up too much of his life. (note: my apologies for that quick transition from existential honesty to pretentious cliche...sometimes it just happens) well, off to join the list of consumers.

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Jacob said...

I'm a consumer whore.