Friday, August 27, 2004

pet sounds

so i'm still stuck on the movie love actually. i didn't watch it tonight again, but i was talking to my mom about the film on our way back from portland. what's funny is that tonight i finally watched kill bill vol. 2, a movie i've been anticipating, and even though it was a master work of cinema, i think i enjoyed the sappy english chick-flick more. so i'm left thinking about the scenes in love actually that i wish were from my life, and the ones that i hope are never part of my life, and the ones that strike me as amazing, and the ones that for whatever reason i can't get out of my head. right now the song god only knows, by the beach boys, is stuck in my head. it runs through the final scene. great song. it's on the album pet sounds, which is one of the best albums of all time. i suggest you buy it as soon as possible. i suggest that i do the same.

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