Sunday, August 29, 2004

multi-twist movies

i hate those movies that set you up and then trick you several times. at one point the plot makes you want something to happen, and it is about to, and then all the sudden everything goes to pot. then you get over it and get involved with the new direction, but all the sudden what seemed impossible is quite possible again, and appears inevitable. and just as whatever you want to happen is about to, it falls through again. the double plot twist. high marks in the olympics, but not in movies.

that's all a lie. i actually like movies that do that, if they do it well. what i don't like is when that happens in real life. like right now for me. the xB was almost mine, then out. then i got over it. then all of the sudden it was a very real likelihood, so we went up today to get it. and then the assistant manager said they couldn't take the dvd setup out, which adds abour $2,200 to the car. so i said there was no way and walked out. i don't think my mouth has had this much bitter taste for a while. contentment with what i have sure seems like a great option, though something that can handle my stuff still seems like the closest thing to necessity without being one that there is.

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