Monday, August 16, 2004

holy crap i'm bitter

i realized something today that blew me away. i've been complaining about all these people getting married. and for good reason. most of them are dumb and have been making hasty decisions. also, since i'm a similar age to most of them, and i'm not at all ready to get married, i think they are probably not ready either. so what do i mean bitter...

well, as much as i don't want to get married right now, and i like not having the responsibility that comes with a serious relationship, i think i actually do envy the fact that for these people there is someone willing to marry them RIGHT NOW. it's crap. why them and not me? i must be way cooler than them. and yet, nothing. sure, it's probably because i say i don't want it, but why aren't there a few girls that would really like me to ask them out, so that i could at least push them away knowing that they have humongous crushes on me. so i'm bitter, 'cuase it doesn't seem to be the case.

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