Saturday, August 28, 2004

the plot twist

sometimes i decide something isn't going to happen and i stop worrying about it, and then what i want falls in my lap. well, this isn't exactly one of those cases, but close. i had given up on the xB, since i couldn't get my color, and it just didn't seem like it would fit with the timing of my trip and all. today my parents called from a dealership in eugene to tell me that my color was there, but instead of a manual it's an automatic. really, that's not a huge deal to me. i was sick of working with the guy from the other dealership in eugene anyway, had wanted to go back to this guy, who we'd talked to first thing when we started looking, and now it's all falling into place. i think i'll go up tomorrow and see if we can't get some things settled on so that hopefully i can get the car later this week. crazy how things work out, or at least how this looks like it will work out. and once again, i'm a consumer whore. (happily)

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Jacob said...

Sweet, I was hoping the xB would work out. Especially the green. I like that color. It's a good color.