Saturday, August 14, 2004

a cynical view part 2

i just got back from a wedding. i don't know why i allow myself to be tortured by these events, but i do. watching the bride was both disgusting and engrossing. she responded to everything as if she were a schoolgirl whose celebrity crush was taking her out to dinner. she was just so happy that it was happening. really amazing to watch. i remember taking her to lunch in high school once and her then asking me to a dance, "just as friends." i was wondering the whole time during the wedding if me not turning her down would have been a chance for her to actually be just friends with a guy, or if she would have tried to latch on like i was afraid of. some other comments i want to make that i may have to wait a little bit for so that no one connects them to this wedding and i'm off the hook for offending someone. yeah, i think it's important to take that into account even though i don't think anyone actually reads know, just in case.

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