Saturday, August 14, 2004

just because

i'm getting to the point jacob often talks about, that i just write because i should do it even when i'm not inspired. i made my parents watch school of rock tonight, since i've been compared to jack black a ton in the last year. it was a good time. then i did something that strikes me about myself. some friends were running by and i saw them, so i made an obnoxious noise. they stopped and started coming in. but instead of talking to them, like a friend should, since i DID call them, and since they DID stop, i told them i didn't mean to stop them and that they should continue. not true. for them to stop is exactly what i wanted. i wanted to say hi or talk for a while. i just didn't think through what that would mean, and when it came down to interrupting their agenda versus interrupting my own, i wasn't okay with changing my plans, while playing it off as if i cared more about their's. i may have actually cared, but if so, why did i bother them in the first place? no idea. this is all just random, useless, thrown up thoughts that don't really build to a coherent whole. ah, the life of a 22 year old high schooler. some day i should really grow up.

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