Wednesday, August 25, 2004

girls love musicians, don't they? even the really weird ones get girlfriends.

that's a quote from love actually, which is still rattling around in my head after watching last night, and which i may decide to watch again tonight. i really felt like posting, but i don't have much to write, so i'm just writing whatever comes to my head. the first thing to do was to go look at some of the quotes from the movie, 'cause there were some great ones. the one i chose for the title to this is awesome, and i think i've thought about it's content a lot before. it certainly seems that girls love musicians until you actually become one. and then you realize that girls love musicians just as much as they love athletes, or geniuses, or rich guys, or any other special type of guy. then again, i do remember singing onstage at school during our chrictian rock all-stars show, in which we did classic ccm stuff, and watching girls scream in joy as i sang in their general direction. that was weird. i've never felt more like a rock star. i mean, it was really pretty crazy. but other than that, i tend to disagree with what jack black said in school of rock, that you can be the ugliest sad sack in the world, but when you're rocking, girls love you. sure if you make it big that might be true, but then they aren't going for you, they're gunning for fame. no, the cynic in me has taken over completely and decided that appearance, personality, and all those other things that go into making me attractive (or not, as the case may be) to girls are the things that do it, not anything else. well, i somehow ended up writing about the same sort of crap i've been on for a while. sorry. oh wait, who am i apologizing to? ah, the joy of writing solely for my own sake.

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Jacob said...

Well now I've spoiled your joy. Or perhaps made it a different kind of joy. In any case, I've interfered with your blog and it's no longer just yours. I guess it wasn't just yours before, but now it is less so.