Tuesday, August 24, 2004

time is a funny thing...

several summers ago, while working at roseburg forest products, i developed my very own philosophy of time. of course i didn't write it down, but i remember most of it, especially since that fall we studied kant's philosophy, and some parts were kind of similar. this post isn't about that though, it's about how weird time is...well, i guess then it's related to what i thought of then, but not wholly based on it.

this summer i've gotten to spend a lot of time with some really cool kids. i say kids because, well, they are a bit younger than me. i don't mean to be pretentious, it's just part of my point. you see, i would probably judge someone my age hanging out with a bunch of high school people, but here i've been, doing it all summer. all that said, i don't regret it at all. i consider them my friends. so the first funny thing about time has to do with age. it often seems that there are these rigid societal rules for friendship, and that age is an important barrier in keeping society structured the way it should be. the fact of it is, though, i've had meaningful relationships with my friends this summer, much like the ones i had at college, but most of these have developed in a much shorter time period.

that brings me to my next observation about time: sometimes a lot can happen in a very short amount of it. i have some friends from this summer i had hardly ever talked to, or never even met, before the summer started. when i go away i'll miss them like i miss friends from school who i spent four years with. so often people think that quantity of time is a prerequisite for anything positive. while i agree that it is good or can make things better, this summer has evidenced to me that it is not always necessary.

i think i originally had three points to make, but i can't remember the third one. that's another funny thing about time, it can dull even the sharpest mind, inspire even the weakest wit, or anything in between. at school i could write a paper in the middle of the night that was better than anything i could think of during the day, and much more quickly too. or i could write so much crap down that i ended up embarrassed when the paper came back. time is like that, producing different results at different times, never allowing me to predict how it will affect me. then again, maybe i should be trying to predict how i will affect me, instead. and now i've gone to a new subject, which means it must be time for bed. that's the only time that matters anymore, i suppose.

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