Saturday, August 14, 2004

a few wedding stories

quick funny story: at a wedding, i saw a guy i was in choir with who is a year younger than me. i didn't know he knew either party getting married, but then found out he was going to be a groomsman. my dad was like, "well that's weird, he's so much younger than the groom..." and i go "dad, he's the same age as the bride." it was just funny to me that my dad would think it weirder that the groom would have a young groomsman than a young bride.

the other thing that was funny was when the father of the bride was talking about giving a letter to herwhen she was almost 15 that talked about another man someday taking his place...he said "we didn't know who you were at the time." i wanted to say "you should have tried the military, since he was already there."

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