Monday, November 06, 2006

Some notes from the weekend

I didn't talk about this, but it makes me happy: the Blazers beat the T-Wolves, bringing their record to 2-1 and getting Portland fans excited about basketball again. Oh man, and Travis Outlaw played out of his mind. Hopefully he makes a consistent habit of that. 19 points and 15 rebounds against KG while mainly playing PF. That's big-time. I still want Greg Oden, but I just can't help but be excited about this Blazers team. Here's the best reason I have for my excitement, from Jason Fleming, the editor of SWISH Magazine and Basketball News Service:

"Before you write this Portland Trail Blazers team off as a rebuilding team, perhaps now is a good time to consider the fact maybe they aren't rebuilding at all.

Maybe they have already been re-built...and this season could be their coming out party."

And that's why I'm excited. I am SO excited.

In non-sports news, I realized yesterday that I am now much more consistent in my pro-life stance, even if it has taken a while. In high school I argued for the death penalty. In college I came to believe that the death penalty was wrong, or at least should never be applied because humans are fallible and redemption is never out of the question. But when I was a little sad yesterday at the news that Saddam would be hanged, I realized that I am now truly opposed to the death penalty. What Saddam did while in power was TERRIBLE, and he deserves punishment. I can not stress how much revulsion I have towards the acts he committed in Iraq. But I am also very steadfast in my belief that he should not die for them. He is not beyond hope. That's a hard thing for me to keep in perspective, even with my emotional response to his sentencing. So there's that. It's too bad we're so messed up as people. It's too bad we can't institute the kingdom on our own. It's too bad we end up fighting the institution of the kingdom of God so much in the name of God. It's too bad no one has it all figured out, and we have ridiculous elections and a general malaise and people continue to suffer because of sin--individual and systemic.

Whew, that was the most I've said not related to sports in a long time on here. I'll get back to the sports for sure as the day goes, because I'm almost done with tonight's homework already. Off to school now.

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