Thursday, November 02, 2006

The new name

I want to give a quick explanation for the new name of this blog.

The Sports Guy talks about sports bigamists as someone who cheers for two teams in the same sport. He also makes it clear that a true fan is someone who likes a team because they grew up with them, either geographically or by some family connection. By his definitions I would be a sports bigamist for several reasons:

  1. I like the Braves, even though all of my other teams are from the pacific northwest. I understand how bad this looks, and admit that TBS brainwashed me when I was a kid. But I think Simmons would still say that I should be a Mariners fan. And I'm not. It doesn't help my cause that they were the most consistent team during the '90s. I did become a Braves fan between '87 and '89, and was just thinking last night about how sad I was when they lost to the Twins in '91. I was already that invested in the team. But this still holds as the first reason.
  2. During the early '90s, when my Seahawks were terrible, I cheered for the Bills. I considered them my "second favorite" team. I knew that they could never meet the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, because the two teams were both in the AFC. Now they could meet, since we moved, but I don't have any loyalty to Buffalo any more. Still, that's classic sports bigamy by the Sports Guy's definition.
  3. I have also loved the Spurs since David Robinson was dominating much of the west in the early '90s, and then even more when they drafted my favorite college player in 1997, Tim Duncan out of Wake Forest. So that's two sports with a legitimate "second favorite."
  4. Lastly, I cheer for Oregon State in every game except the ones against the Ducks. There's your last sports bigamy straw.
So that's where the name came from. The two pictures are from last night's Blazers game. One is just Roy being awesome, but the other is the picture of our two most important players celebrating together. I know they're not really related to this post, but I had to put them up here. Can you tell I'm really excited?

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Ek said...

I actually don't consider you a sports bigamist - the Mariners a S-Hawks, are both out of state, so you aren't geographically obligated to them. In cases like this, if there isn't a family connection, you get to pick a team (but have to stick with them, like you have with the Braves). Also, the Spurs thing is mitigated because the SG makes an exception for once-in-a-generation-calibur college players who go pro for other teams. Although I think it should actually be an Oregon player in your case, and I don't think you'd want to be following Joey Harrington around the NFL...

And yeah, I know I gave you a ton of crap when I first found out you were a Braves fan. Whatever.