Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Progress update

I've spent all morning doing research for my Oregon QB post, and it's not going well. I'm having a hard time finding W-L records online. A very hard time, actually. I've been guessing on some, so I don't know how I'm going to fix that. But I have found some other interesting stuff, so I may update my list of Oregon players who have been in the NFL to include undrafted players, and I may post about the overall QB rating for the Oregon super-QB. I wish I could do this more quickly, but I should have been doing paperwork this morning instead of this. Oh well.

Quick Blazer note: tough loss last night in Minnesota. I've read about it, since I didn't watch it, and I'm convinced that we need R-O-Y to help our perimeter defense. Randolph is still playing well, but if we can't keep guards from doing whatever they want we're going to have a tough time winning. We play the Cavs tonight. Hopefully we can abuse their guards, since that's our best shot to be close. Onward and upward.

Here's a picture of former Oregon and NFL quarterback June Jones, the head coach at the University of Hawaii. Just one of the names that will be included in the QB post. It's coming, just wait.

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Lew said...

For me, June Jones is best known as one of the many failed Atlanta Falcons head coaches. I didn't realize he quacked.