Thursday, November 09, 2006

A quick post for J-Lew and Ek released the new power-rankings today, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Portland jump 21 spots. Who else jumped that many? Atlanta. The two teams are ranked 8 and 9, respectively. Plus, Joe Johnson and Zack Randolph are both playing like MVP candidates right now. Don't believe me? I've got the picture to prove it. Look a few spots down and you'll see some names that could surprise you. Also, I love the category of teams we're included in. That's right, The Contenders. This must continue.


Lew said...

The best part of these ranking is that both the Blazers and the Hawks are above the next Eastern Conference Champs (supposedly anyways) - the Bulls.

I am trying not to get a big head, but it is fun to keep wining. I love the fact that Lebron was SO disgusted when my Hawks beat him that he walked off the court before the game was over and then bashed the ball in his post-game comments. MJ would have never done that...

Ek said...

That's because Lebron isn't MJ, and frankly, it's going to be impossible to compare their statistics because the NBA has changed so much (Scottie Pippen once said that MJ would easily average over 45 ppg in the modern NBA, and I'm inclined to agree).

I'll just say that I refuse to consider any player alongside MJ until they're the best player (not second best, Kobe) on at least three championship teams. Those are my terms.

The Bulls are still a relatively young team, and have multiple new guys in the rotation, so I'm not surprised they're taking a little time to gel, and they're always been a second-half team under Skiles, but I'd obviously like to see them playing a lot more consistently then they are right now.