Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some more random NBA junk (and a quick mention of the Seahawks)

The Sports Guy mentioned NBA beat writers in his column today. I already knew that Jason Quick from the Oregonian was great, but he lists a few others. If you like one of these teams, it would probably be good for you to check out the local reporter who gives the good stuff on 'em. This is in the section about the Hawks, and ends with a great line that I'm including for my friend J-Lew, although I'm sure he already read it. From the Sports Guy:
Random tip: The Hawks have one of my favorite NBA beat writers: Sekou Smith of the Atlanta J-C. He always breaks a sweat, does a good job breaking games down, passes along a steady stream of inside gossip/anecdotes and strikes a nice balance with his newspaper stuff and blogging. While we're here, I also like Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal, Ivan Carter and Michael Lee from the Washington Post, Jason Quick from the Oregonian and Howard Beck of the New York Times. All of those guys do an excellent job. I don't know why I'm telling you this.

Worst-case scenario: Come on, how can you think "worst-case scenario" when the Hawks are eighth on this list right now? This is a victory for the dozens of Hawks fans everywhere!
The Blazers had an ugly loss to the Pacers last night. Well, it wasn't too bad, but they needed to win the game. Getting Przybilla back was a good start, but now the team has to gel again on defense. It would help so much to get R-O-Y back very soon. Jack had a huge night, Randolph dropped 30 and pulled down 11, and Outlaw and Udoka gave their now-typical supporting performances. We just need the energy, charisma, peremeter defense, and game-changing ability that R-O-Y brings. We need it badly.

As impressive as LaDanian Tomlinson is, and I think he is probably the best player in the NFL, I could not be much happier with Shaun Alexander's second game back. It does seem that he's worked his way into a nice groove, and hopefully Holmgren rides this through week 17. If Shaun can get 150+ in each of these last five games, he'll finish with about 1,175 yards, which would be pretty good for starting in a funk and then missing a bunch of games. He also needs to get on TD roll, because we could use the pressure on opposing defenses. Right now they have to be far more concerned with the passing game, even in the red zone, so if Shaun gets rolling we can really start putting points on the board.

Alright, I need to get to school. I still have a ton of stuff to do.


Josh Johnson said...

Amen bro! A little D, a little Roy, and NOTHING will be able to stop the storm that is the Blazers!

I also say the Rose Garden should install cheap bleacher seating in the Lower stadium opposite the benches. I've been to 3 home games this year and if you watch the fans in the 100 level, they're all expressionless throughout the game. Could you imagine filling the stadium below with 5000 crazed Blazer fans who's sole purpose is the psych out the other team and make the Rose Garden the toughest court to play away at. Power to the 6th man!

Lew said...

Yeah, I was very pleased yesterday to see Sekou get a shout-out from the SG. He does a great job. I think one of the encouraging things for me is that he's not afraid to share insights he learns from other beat writers and scouts about the Hawks team. For instance, many of them consider the Hawks as having the least talented roster in the league, but they are playing hard and hovering around the .500 mark. Granted, it sucks not to have the talent we should (and we should totally do the Paul Gasol trade the SG mentioned - even though the ownership squabble won't allow us to do it), but it is nice to see them playing hard and "over-achieving."

By the way, I really miss living in Atlanta and being able to read the AJC in paper form. At least I am able to get the articles on the internet.