Friday, November 03, 2006

Hoping to watch the game tonight

Portland plays at Golden State tonight. Hopefully I'll end up at a bar somewhere watching, because I want to see these guys play. Word is that LaFrentz is hurt again, and that the team isn't sure how much Webster will play. I'm all for being cautious with Webster, because I don't want his back to ruin his career. And I really don't care about LaFrentz. At all. We'll see how Roy does against a couple good guards, even if they're only good on the offensive side. Also, I want to see Zach crush the Warriors down low. Could it be two straight on the road? I don't even remember what that's like. I've already moved into the pipe-dreams-of-the-playoffs stage of my season, and it only took one win. I'll pass the kool-aid, if anybody's thirsty.

Portland celebrating the Trail Blazers championship in 1977.

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