Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Raging against the machine

This Sunday I missed something that I had vague hopes of witnessing: Rage Against the Machine played another show. They are probably one of my favorite bands, mixing prophetic/scathing lyrics, perfect instrumentation, loads of technical skill, and as much groove as a rock band can handle. I'm listening to them right now to commemorate what I didn't get to see. The picture here is from Deadspin and shows the great Adam Morrison rocking out at the Rage show. It turns out that they're touring this summer on the Rock the Bells tour. If there's any way I can make one of those four shows--which are most likely already sold out--I want to try.

Today was my first day as a teacher in which I had to be at school on a day in which there had been a threat--or the perception of a threat--of violence. The day went well, and the administration did a good job of checking out the whole thing and letting us know that there didn't really seem to be cause for concern. Even so, it was a weird feeling at times, and it was frustrating that so many students were gone because of fear.

Two things to end: if for some reason you read this and not my friend James' blog, go check it out. It's frequently very good, although it isn't frequently updated. I'm finally settling into my reading of God's Politics by Jim Wallis. So far I like it, and I'm looking forward to being energized about teaching because of what he has to say.

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