Thursday, May 17, 2007

A few of us are wondering

I already went crazy on the Kay House wall talking about the Suns-Spurs series, but I found this online today and thought I should share it. I don't think the Spurs are in any way innocent in this series, but I think it's ridiculous that many people are painting the Spurs as big-time thugs. As the Sports Guy has said many times, the Suns get away with moving screens all the time. It's the basis of their offense. This video just shows a few other ways they try to gain an extra edge. As the SG said in his column the other day, professional basketball players don't accidentally do things, so anyone who is emphatic that Bowen--a dirty player--is playing like Bill Laimbeer should at least be willing to entertain the thought that he's not the only one.

One last note before the video: I believe this video is from the game in which Horry sent Nash to the ground. If that's the case, I think his check is even more important. He was responding to the hit put on him by Amare, which looks to be about the same as the one he put on Nash. Horry doesn't sell it as well, isn't a two-time MVP, didn't hit the scorer's table, and is bigger than Nash, but that shouldn't change the penalty for the hit. Full disclosure: I began hating the Suns while living in Phoenix, because I couldn't stand most of the fans in that city, and I have cheered for the Spurs (unless they're playing the Blazers) since I can remember liking the NBA. I am most certainly biased.

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Ek said...

The headbutt looked accidental, and the guy getting creamed on the pick is just part of basketball, but some of those were downright terrible. That unassisted fall thing happens all the time (although somehow this is never called if it's Hinrich or Gordon falling over).

I'm sold, the reffing in the NBA is terrible right now. You could probably make a video clip like this from almost every game; that's the real problem.

Oh, and on that topic, there's absolutely no way anyone will ever convince me that Tayshaun set his feet on the Luol Deng charge tonight. Although it was hilarious to see Sheed get T'd up for arguing one of the most obvious fouls I've seen all year.