Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NBA draft lottery running diary.

5:33 PM I’m here live at my friend Josh’s house on the hill. I showed up a little late after working hard to find a venue and then driving like mad up the hill that overlooks Roseburg. I spent most of the day playing the draft lottery game at school, when I wasn’t teaching (of course). I’m really nervous right now. I started carrying my keys on the Trail Blazers lanyard I got during the 2005-2006 season a few days ago, and I’m wearing my Zach Randolph jersey over the Jordan T-shirt I was given to wear while I made my blindfolded free throw during that same game in 2005. I don’t believe that objects affect luck, and I’m not sure if these objects would do the trick even if I did believe that. Still, I’m doing everything I can think to do.

5:39 PM David Stern is explaining the suspensions and reason for the rule that led to the suspension. Well done by the Godfather. Now he gets to gush about how well his new age-limit rule has worked. Let’s all give David Stern a round of applause. Wait, I can’t hear my clapping over Stern’s self-congratulating.

5:41 PM I just got sick to my stomach when they showed the envelopes as we went to commercial. Ugh. This is driving me crazy. Coming into the draft I didn’t think I cared if we got one of the top two picks. I was confident in the young talent already assembled and the young GM doing the assembling. I still am, but now I’m jittery again about the possibility of having someone like Oden or Durant on our team. Wait, not just someone like them, one of those actual two players. And then there’s the insane idea that somehow we could give up everyone but Rodriguez, Roy, and Aldridge to get those two guys.

5:45 PM They’re announcing the representatives for each team right now. I can’t wait until we get to Brandon Roy, but first the host has to chat with Larry Bird. They just showed a Maloof, and surprisingly he didn’t have a mixed drink with him. Here it is, Brandon Roy and Randy Foye were just announced. They’re talking about what it would have been like to be on the other team. LAME. Roy answered it well, though. Dominique Wilkins is here too, and I feel for J-Lew as the Hawks could get two picks, or perhaps none.

5:48 PM I’m going to throw up. Adam Silver is announcing each pick now.
14 – Clippers
13 – Hornets
12 – 76ers
(so far everything is good)
11 – Pacers
10 – Kings
9 – Bulls
8 – Bobcats
7 – Timberwolves
6 – Bucks
5 – Celtics
( I can’t type right now…I’m so nervous)
4 – Grizzlies
(I’m really happy for J-Lew, but I really can’t type very well. I’m that nervous. Holy crap, this is ridiculous. I’m done typing in all caps, but wow. I am so tense.)

5:54 PM Oh geez, this is absolutely ridiculous. Number three goes to ATLANTA…HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is crazy. We just got the first pick in the draft. This is unbelievable. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.


Brandon is doing a great job of doing this interview. Wow. What a huge relief. This is really amazing.

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Lewis said...

Thanks for doing the Running Diary of the draft. I hated that I had to work i my dad's warehouse from 2:30 pm until 11:30 pm. Watchig the Lottery is always one of my favorite things.

Congrats on the #1 pick again. Huge. Also, I have mixed feelings about the Hawks. Obviously I am excited that we actually secured 2 picks in one of the most loaded classes to come along in a long time. The disappointing part is that we get the worst-value pick in the draft at #3. I just hope we are smart enough to take Conley there even if he's a 5-8 pick bc we need a PG and he's going to be good. I'd love to see Hibbert slide to us at #11 (from the Pacers) so we could maybe address some of our needs. Anyways, I am rambling and doing different scenaros in my head at the moment. Congrats again.