Monday, May 07, 2007

More Kirilenko

I've only watched a few minutes of the Warriors-Jazz game tonight, but it's been enough to see AK-47 dominate the floor. With a little less than ten minutes to go in the second quarter, AK has five blocks already. I think Sloan might realize how much they need this guy and what he brings to their team, so that the Blazers would not be able to get him in some incredible trade.

I spent a lot of time the other night trying to write a post about fixing the Lakers. It included trading Kobe and starting over around Lamar and a few other guys. I gave up for three main reasons: 1) as Dave at Blazer's Edge has said, it doesn't make sense to spend energy talking about the Lakers, 2) it was getting really hard to figure out how to actually make things work, and 3) I was starting to get sick to my stomach thinking so much about the Lakers.


Ek said...

Thanks for sparing us the Lakers post. I hate hearing about certain teams more, even when they're average or bad, because they're "marquee" teams in their given league. (Note: This does not apply to the Bulls or the Chicago Bears).

Lewis said...

Well, Ek may not think it would apply to the Bulls or Bears, but I certainly think that it does. What did I say all along? That the Bulls were STUPID for not trying acquire Gasol. With Gasol, they could hang with the Pistons (and still would have killed the Heat).

Lewis said...

After the perfomance he had tonight in Game 2 of the Golden State series, there is NO WAY Utah trades him. Wow.