Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another non-US center for Portland?

In response to Ek's comments on the last post: I agree that the real problem is the reffing in general around the league, and not just what happened in that great series. I complained enough this season about what happened in various Blazer games, but I'm sure you're right about being able to find video evidence in every game of bad officiating. Unfortunately our satellite went haywire just as the playoffs were getting goo, so I didn't see hardly any of the other playoff games, which means I missed the Tayshaun call to which you're referring. I love Sheed, but it's always fun to watch him go nuts.

The draft lottery is on Tuesday, and I can't wait to see what Portland gets. Yesterday I read a little about Yi Jianlian and watched some video of him on YouTube. Just now I watched the ESPN video about him. I'm apt to compare people more favorably than they deserve with big names. Still, I couldn't help but see the similarities between him and Garnett. What's even better--or worse, if it isn't true--is that he reminded me of a young Sabonis. There's nobody better in my mind, which means I'm already sold on him as a potential pick if we can't get Oden or Durant. This is the video I watched on YouTube, picked especially for placement here because the song is so good. I've included a video of Sabonis at the bottom. I know that I've put this up before, but it's just so good and he holds such a high position in my mind that I have to include it every once in a while.

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