Monday, April 30, 2007

One last post about Joe

I was pretty happy to find out this morning that Joe Newton had been signed by the Seahawks. As much as I wanted him to get drafted, this is really the best non-draft situation possible. As a Seahawk fan I'm happy because I believe we got one of the top tight ends in the draft without having to spend a pick. As a friend of Joe I'm happy that he gets to play in the northwest for a team on which he could have an impact. I'm still disappointed that he wasn't drafted, but that's not too bad anymore. This is from the official Seahawks site:
But he [Offensive coordinator Gil Haskell] also insisted they are very happy to have signed free agent veteran Marcus Pollard as their starter. Besides, they were very happy to snag Oregon State’s tight end Joe Newton right after the draft as a free agent who slipped through the draft without being chosen.
That makes me pretty happy, too. I think Pollard is pretty good, and I am hopeful that Haskell's feelings about Joe are signs that he'll make the team and contribute.


Lewis said...

That's great that he signed with the team. Hopefully he makes the 53-man roster and can contribute at least on special teams or something.

Ek said...

That's fantastic. Too bad he has to compete with a hall-of-fame talent like Jerramy Stevens.