Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 1 of the NFL draft

9:19 No introductions are necessary, but in case you weren't watching, the Raiders just drafted JaMarcus Russell with the first overall pick. Detroit is on the clock now.

--Between picks I'm going to be writing plans for this week at school.--

9:33 My brother, a Lions fan, is becoming happier with the Calvin Johnson pick. Watching the footage of Georgia Tech, it amazes me to see what Johnson did in his last year.

9:42 Everyone in the room is waiting for Brady Quinn to start crying. We hate him. I think Joe Thomas was a pretty good pick for the Browns. Cleveland had problems in their passing game and in their running game. How can a team address both of those problems at once? Oh, right. Draft a really highly rated lineman. Nice job by the Browns with the third pick.

9:54 Yup, Brady Quinn is still in the green room. That's my favorite part of this day so far. Gaines Adams feels like a good pick for Tampa Bay, which is good, because I'm taking the Stephen Colbert approach to this draft: it's not about thinking with my head, it's about thinking with my gut. My gut says the Cardinals take Levi Brown. I was going to say someone else, but then my gut remembered that Ken Whisenhunt is the new coach in Arizona.

10:03 My gut is so smart. And Brady Quinn is still sitting in his chair, looking like...something derogatory. I just read that the Seahawks and 49ers are near a deal to send Darrel Jackson to San Francisco. I don't like that deal for two reasons: 1) Jackson is worth more than a fourth round pick and 2) I don't want to keep making an in-division team better, especially when it looks like they're already on the way to the top of our division.

10:17 LaRon Landry just went to Washington. I like that pick. It's still great to see Brady Quinn sitting there, but as my friend J-Lew just said to me: "skill players are overvalued in my opinion in drafts." He and my dad also agree that Quinn's girlfriend isn't that pretty. Nice job all around.

10:27 Adrian Peterson just went to Minnesota. I think that's a good pick. And it's fun to see Quinn still in the green room. J-Lew just told me that the Falcons need offensive or defensive linemen, or a safety. I'll say that they pick Okoye.

10:35 My brother just asked the million dollar question: When's John David Booty going to get drafted?

10:38 The Falcons just reached a little for Jamaal Anderson. He seems like a great athlete, and he fills their need at DE, but it still seemed like they could have done something a little better with the pick.

10:51 I can't believe that just happened. Ted Ginn just got picked by Miami, and Brady Quinn looks pretty disappointed. J-Lew feels a little bad for Quinn, but I'm not sure that I do. He might end up playing for Dallas or Kansas City, which could be pretty good for him.

11:05 I like this pick, with Amobi Okoye going to the Texans. That kid seems like a great pick. As far as the marijuana debacle, I think the guys who told teams they had tried it actually showed some high character by revealing something that a test hadn't revealed.

--I just finished my rough plan for next week's lessons in 10th honors. That's some high quality work.--

11:17 They've been talking about San Francisco's last few drafts, which have been great. They picked Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Alex Smith. And now they picked Patrick Willis, an LB who will hopefully replace my man Julian Peterson.

11:27 Bruce Smith just announced that the Bills picked Marshawn Lynch. I like that pick a lot. My friend Mark thinks it was a huge stretch. While I may agree that they reached a little, I think Lynch is a great back. Now I'm off to play soccer.

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