Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 1...continued

4:00 The Chargers just traded four picks away to draft a safety from Utah, Eric Weddle.

--Here's a great blog post about Brandon Roy. I really like reading anything about this guy. I've also been trying to find the book The Breaks of the Game in town. The Sports Guy wrote about this book yesterday, but I've been wanting to read it anyway. It's about the Blazers' season in '79-'80. I couldn't find it in any of the book stores in town, and it isn't in the local library or the Oregon library.--

4:06 The Dolphins seem to have redeemed themselves by drafting John Beck out of BYU to play quarterback for them. Nice job by Miami.

4:15 The Falcons did a great job on the two picks surrounding John Beck. They drafted a guard that should help them, and then they picked up a corner back to help the defense. Justin Blalock and Chris Houston should be good for Atlanta. Unfortunately I'm not talking to J-Lew right now, but I think he'd be somewhat happy.

--I can't even find The Breaks of the Game online for a good price. Ugh. This is frustrating.--

4:21 The Colts just picked another offensive player, tackle Tony Ugoh from Arkansas. It's pretty incredible that they keep adding to their offense and not addressing the needs they have on the other side of the ball.

4:23 It looks like the Lions drafted a quarterback, which is too bad because they really need some help on the offensive line. Drew Stanton sounds like a good football player, and the sort of guy who could lead a team, but it also sounds like he has some work to do on his technique.

--I just finally found the book online, so I submitted my order. Hopefully things work out, because I find it for about ten bucks, which is way better than the $100+ that it was in most place I found it.--

4:34 There are few things as enjoyable as listening to Keyshawn talk about how good someone is because he reminds Keyshawn of himself. Dwayne Jarrett is that guy, as the Panthers picked him with the fourteenth pick in the second round. Watching the interview between Keyshawn and Dwayne is probably an 86 on the unintentional comedy scale. Keyshawn's asking every question that he wouldn't want to answer. Fantastic. I think that's the best way to end this pseudo-diary of the first day of the NFL draft. I'm going to keep watching, because this is one of my favorite sports-days of the year.

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Lewis said...

Thanks for the various shout-outs in the blog. I appreciate it. I am VERY pleased with the Falcons draft. We addressed our needs. Yeah, Anderson might not have been the 8th best player in this draft, but we ended up with a pick where there was a big talent drop-off (happens in every real and fantasy draft and there isn't much you can do about it). So, we addressed a pressing need (and I am ok with that). Love the 2 second round picks! We needed to get bigger on the O-line, and then we need some help at Safety. So, we draft the CB from Arkansas and then we are able to move last year's pick Jimmy Williams from CB to Safety. Good draft for the Falcons, which was definitely needed.