Friday, February 02, 2007

Portland on a broken shoe string

As soon as I finish writing this post I'm headed up I-5 to the city of roses. After going to the Portland-Houston game in December with my friend Josh, he invited me to go to the Portland-Chicago game with him tomorrow. I accepted, but as I figured out some budgetary information this morning I realized how terrible this timing is. I just finished paying off a debt to Fuller Theological Seminary, where I was a student for approximately three weeks. I should be okay, but I'm going to be riding my bike for more pressing reasons than exercise in the coming months. Also, I might have to go on a hunger strike, or at least something that people could mistake for one. Having said all that, I'm pretty excited to be on my way up to one of the coolest cities in the country. What, you'd like to hear my plans?
  1. See my grandma, my friends Scott and Lindsay, and perhaps a few others over the few days I'm up.

  2. Spend some time reading and doing homework in Powell's, the coolest book store in the world. Excuse the hyperbole, but it sure tops the list of stores I've ever visited.

  3. Watch my second Blazer game of the season.

  4. Hopefully take some notes during the game and post about said second Blazer game of the season.

  5. Find Chuck Palahniuk and convince him to get a move on publishing a new book.

  6. Put together the newest elite rock group from Portland.

  7. Spend less than thirty dollars.

I have no idea how many of those are possible. Hopefully all of them, but if I have to cut some out, I'll go with number seven first, and then number six. But number five is staying. Maybe I can find him at Powell's. And I know you didn't really want to know what my plans were, but I employed that cheap device to transition into my sweet list. Sorry for using you like that.

*I decided not to change what I wrote, but fix it here. It turns out Palahniuk doesn't live in Portland anymore, which is incredibly disappointing. But it also turns out he has a recently published short story and a new book on the way. So I can cross number five off the list twice.

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Josh Johnson said...

Thanks Josh for coming to the game with me tonight. Several comments for tonight's (vs Chicago Sat Feb 3rd) game. You had mention how much you hated Magloire. I did a search and found an archived post from True Hoop on the Blake-Magloire trade ( It's interesting to read the predictions as to how things would go for Portland and Magloire. Among some of the meaningful comments: "On draft day Steve Patterson said the theme of the Blazers was guys who could defend and hit open shots. Magloire can not hit open shots. He should not shoot them. Literally. Statistics show it's better for his team if he does not shoot the open short jumper." "It is also not like Blake's departure leaves a gaping hole in the Blazer lineup. Jack is potentially a Terry Porter/Chauncy Billups type player" These are two things you had mentioned to me at the game.