Monday, June 11, 2007

So very close

I am working pretty hard right now on finishing the crap for my program that still needs to get done. It's going pretty well. I shouldn't be too surprised, since I have as much practice at putting things off as I do at getting them done. Somehow I'm a little surprised anyway. My friend Justin should be home pretty soon, and when he gets back we'll probably relax in the hot tub for a little while, so I thought I'd get a jump on the break from taking care of paperwork by writing a quick post.

Here are a few nice links. This one is to the ESPN video about the 1977 Blazers. I really wish I could see more video about this team, and I look forward to getting the book Red Hot and Rollin'. It comes with a documentary about that year and that team.

I was also recently introduced to Greg Oden's blog. Yeah, this blog has been confirmed by several people to actually be written by Oden. It's just one more thing that gets me excited for the Oden era in Portland. I have moved to a place where I REALLY hope we draft him. It has some great video on the site, too.

I also need to complain for one second about my fantasy baseball league. I had a decent draft, I've had at least two great free agent acquisitions, and I turned down a trade with the guy that fleeced several other league members. In addition, when the power rankings are figured out by my friend J-Lew (using roto league rules) I fare well. As of today the power rankings have me in fourth place. What am I complaining about? My luck has been atrocious. I currently sit in eighth place out of ten. Of the only two people below me, one was the infamous and accidentally-invited "other" Josh Carlton. He hasn't put any effort into the league. The other guy below me is James, and he has a history of, well, losing in fantasy sports. Alright, the rant is over and I should get back to finishing my teaching license.

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Lewis said...

There are still a lot of weeks left in fantasy baseball, so I wouldn't be too worried yet (although it is ok to be frustrated). Fantasy baseball more than any other sport goes in cycles. You beat my team 2 weeks ago, so I am not counting your team out of the playoff picture yet.

Also, I can't believe Mark panicked and helped out Adam SO much.