Saturday, June 09, 2007

An epic failure

This week has been crazy. It was the last regular week of school, so we were reviewing in all of our classes. I hadn't filmed a lesson yet, so I had to do that. Also, I have a ton of paperwork that is supposed to be completely turned in by next Wednesday. I was asked to speak this Wednesday at our last cohort meeting at the University of Oregon. Also, this weekend is graduation. On top of that, my brother was driving through last night and I wanted to hang out with him.

Today I was scheduled to take several tests for my teaching license. When I got into the program I beat the system a little because I only had to past a test that showed them I knew some math. The test I took was the Praxis II for middle school math. I signed up to take the Advanced math content knowledge and proof tests today.

All this stuff added together is what lead to my epic failure. Today I got up around 5:00, saw my brother off, and then got my stuff together to head north to the test. I made sure I checked online last night to see what I needed to have with me, and this morning I took care to have my admission ticket and calculator right where they needed to be. I drove the hour north, parked, and walked over to the testing center fairly confident that I would pass both tests.

But I didn't.

In fact, I didn't even get to take them. Somehow in my leaving this morning I failed to keep my wallet in my pocket. Either it got pushed out while I was sitting on the couch checking my fantasy baseball score, or I just never grabbed it. I didn't figure it out until I got to the testing center, so I walked back to my car to see if it had fallen out there. Nope. I drove up to Eugene with no license, the only thing besides the admission ticket I had to have to get into my test this morning. It was a colossal mistake. Fortunately I can transfer my test registration to one in August, but that means I won't be certified to teach anything above Algebra 1 next year. Well, maybe it could still happen, but when Compton is trying to place me in a class it will be harder now. My wallet is the one thing I always have with me, and it's the one thing I forgot this morning. So ridiculous and ironic.

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