Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Even closer

As long as I finish the rest of my paperwork tonight, which I count on happening at an hour that isn't too late, I'll be done with my program at the University of Oregon tomorrow afternoon. It's so nice to know I'm juuuuust almost done. This afternoon I've been taking a little break to read more about the Blazers. ESPN has done a nice job of putting up this spread about Portland's championship in 1977, to go along with the video link I posted yesterday.

This was also a nice little post about the new brand of GM in the NBA, and I love what it says about Portland GM Kevin Pritchard. Among other things, it says that he
completely destroyed everyone else in the 2006 draft thanks to massive balls; will destroy almost everyone this year thanks to ping pong balls.
I really like that quote.

Alright, back to work on getting my program done.

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