Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just in case

If you didn't check out the links to the ESPN coverage of the 1977 Blazers, you should do it. They have more video footage on those pages from a documentary made about the team from that year, and it's pretty incredible. Plus, the story of Portland's team that year is too good. As a fan it's hard not to compare the Lucas-Walton combination to the possible Aldridge-Oden combination.

I also wanted to include a link to these stats. Back in 1984 Portland drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Team executives thought a great center was the last piece of the puzzle, and Bowie was the best guy available after Houston drafted Olajuwon. We all know that Jordan turned into a superstar, and that Bowie was a huge bust because of injuries. But as people continue to bring up the "mistake" we made, I decided to check the numbers. Bowie was on the all-rookie team that year, and averaged 10 points, almost 3 blocks, almost 3 assists, and 8 and a half rebounds per game. It was also the one of only three seasons during his career in which he played more than 70 games. Sure, that doesn't mean he would have been what we hoped for without the injuries, but I do think it shows that he wasn't a wasted pick.

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