Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oden all the time

Greg Oden is in Portland right now, which is pretty great. has tons of stuff about his visit. In fact, I was going to post some of it but have decided against it because of how through they've been over there. If you want to read all sorts of things about the visit to Portland, then you should check that link.

I did want to include one quote from him, though. When asked how he would respond if not picked first in the draft, this is what Oden said:
I’ll cry. I don’t know. It has to happen for me to know. I would be a little disappointed because it’s starting to grow on me – the trees, I love it out here.
Hopefully the trees aren't the only thing that's been growing on him, but it's still nice to hear him say something like that. (Thanks to Jason at Hoopsworld for that.)

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