Saturday, January 06, 2007

This has been a big day

I already mentioned that I didn't watch Oregon beat UCLA. That was a pretty good start to this day for me as a sports fan. And then I got to see the end of the Seahawks game. As I've said, my confidence in the Seahawks has waned recently, so I was only watching the game every once in a while. But when I turned it on in the fourth quarter I was able to watch Seattle pull out a huge win. A HUGE WIN. I was recently discussing Jeremy Stevens with my friend Mark, and he was saying that Stevens is that good or something or other. I wasn't really listening. I argued that Stevens has come up huge, even though he has had a few problems with dropped passes. Well, he did it again today. And the other guy to come up huge was Lofa Tatupu. That guy is fantastic. If he had better body control--barely--he would have been able to keep his foot in bounds and the we would have been tied. But at the time I already thought that the safety might have been better for us. And it worked out that way. The defense came up HUGE. Babineaux stepped it up, that's for sure. It was great to have Bobby Engram back. Oh man, I can't talk about this any more, I just had to mention it. And not to jinx things, but the Blazers are ahead of the Kings at the moment, which would complete the trifecta for the day.

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