Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here's the proof

This is video evidence of the phantom call on behalf of Dwyane Wade against Portland that the previous post mentioned. I hadn't actually seen it until I read a rant on AOL with this video. After witnessing a basketball travesty--or perhaps, continuing travesty--I decided to let others see it. Although I shouldn't complain too much, since Zach Randolph travels on every play. But still, there's a difference between giving a star the benefit of the doubt and giving preferential treatment to a select few. Just ask the Mavericks.

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Lew said...

Right or wrong, this has always been a superstar's league. That's why the Heat won the finals last year, and it is also part of the reason Jordan dominated so much in the 90's. The NBA understands that stars performing well = more money, so while it doesn't seem fair, that is how the league has been FOR A LONG TIME now. Just my thoughts; not trying to excuse the ref's by any means