Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm not the one complaining

I don't like listening to people complain about how much the officials are doing to ruin their team, but I thought this article was good and insightful. Here's a quick taste:
But someone needs to stick up for this young team playing their hearts out. Portland is not a good team or even an average one; they need to play a near-perfect game on an even field to have a chance in every contest. They aren’t good enough, yet, to win games on an uneven playing field, the kind they seem to face every night.

“It’s part of the game,” people will say.

“They haven’t earned it,” people will say.

Part of the game is playing by a different set of rules than the other team? They have to earn fair play? Seriously?

If that’s true, there are far more serious problems here to address. You shouldn’t have to earn an interpretation of the rules in your favor – the rules should be the same on both sides. For the Portland Trail Blazers it’s quite obvious the rules are different.

And yes, it’s probably the same for teams like Atlanta and Seattle – this isn’t a problem unique to Portland; it’s one bad teams have faced for a long time.

That doesn’t make it okay.
Now read the rest of the article.

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