Wednesday, December 15, 2004

second and third grade tomorrow, and then i'm done until 2005

pretty crappy title, i know. honestly, you don't have to tell me. today i was finally at a high school. well, it was junior high too, but it was so nice to have high schoolers. tomorrow i will be terrorized by second and third graders all day, but then i will be done, which is awesome. my posts have been really fluffy since i started working a job that i kind of like, and that is disappointing to me. maybe there's really something to the "starving artist" thing: when i was working at quizno's i wrote stuff that was a lot better, and i wrote more. i also read a lot more. bah. at least i have almost finished the hauerwas reader, just one essay to go. enough of the random ramblings, i'm leaving soon for choir practice and a cookie feed.

three days until roseburg.

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