Saturday, December 11, 2004

the GRE

i finished taking the GRE a short while ago. i was able to get my score on two of the three sections as soon as i finished. i did alright, but i still wish i would have done better on the verbal section. my score was high enough to get me into fuller's phd program (which i'm not applying for, just their ma) so hopefully it's high enough to get me into duke's mts program. i have to wait on the analytical writing section--which i didn't realize was going to be there, thanks to my old test-prep book and laziness. i think i did alright on the two essays anyway, probably in large part because i have continued to write since i got done with school, mainly on this very blog. that's all i've got for now, i just thought it was worth posting.

seven days until roseburg.

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