Friday, December 17, 2004

the days are just packed

i stole the title from a calvin and hobbes collection from 1994. i'm stealing this title because it serves as good reasoning for my inability to post yesterday, which i had wanted to do every day until i left for LA, which happens to be today. so for yesterday, let me say this:

roseburg in two days.

now that i've taken care of that, i can move on. i think i realized last night that i'm going to miss the guys here in phoenix a bit when i'm in roseburg. maybe i won't miss them a ton, since i'll be occupied pretty well by everything there, but i will still miss them a little, and i think that's good. there's not much else to say. i'm taking off for costa mesa in a few hours, and after chilling there for a little while i'll be heading north to biola for the night. then tomorrow is the long trek to roseburg. and the final countdown:

roseburg in one day.

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