Monday, December 13, 2004

P.E. again...and counting

i was a p.e. teacher again today. i think that subbing for p.e. is one of my favorites. i mean, smiling is my favorite, but subbing for p.e. is up there. hopefully i get some more good (and easy) work this week, and then i'll take off for LA on friday, followed by the long-haul trip to roseburg on saturday. i am excited to go back.

roseburg in five days.

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Krispin Mayfield said...

I may get some Godspeed... while I'm there. I've been hearing about them for a couple years, but never taken the time. At the Chariot show I saw a really cool track jacket that said 'Godspeed You The Chariot' or something like that. Kind of made me laugh. I hope your travel also goes well. When you say 'godspeed' I think of Roper. I loved that news post when he talked about hanging out with the Supertones and guys and he was like, "I sure hope there's not going to be any skanking." Speaking of, I really need to work at Christian Supply. I was trying to sell my friend on Roper to buy his sister for Christmas. (I had to leave before he bought anything, but I would be surprised if he didn't). Although it wasn't just Roper, everything he picked up I could give at least a tid bit about. They have some cool variety, including Zao's second album, from 1997 which may be quite close to being out of print. Also while I was over there, I ran over to Boarders where I picked up 'The Relevant Church'. Anyway, as I was saying- thanks for the wishes, and the same to you.