Friday, December 10, 2004

an addendum to the following poem/song

i wrote this the other night. i apologize if you are offended by my two uses of profanity. i do not apologize for using them, just for the offense that they may cause you. i think that's all.

roseburg in eight days.


Anonymous said...

hey josh it's nikki, i've been SO busy latley, but i will write something, actually i have been writing, i just need to POST! so i will do that soon, and it is very encouraging to know someone cares about what i write lol...have fun on your way to roseburg...

dynamite_fan_77 said...

hey josh, its kevin from the burg
cant wait to see you. me and brian are workin on a new blog. just started it. nothin on it yet, but we'll get there. its hope you check it out