Thursday, November 25, 2004


i'm here in sunny costa mesa with my parents and my brother. yesterday we went to disneyland, which was pretty fun. i've never liked roller coasters or rides resembling them, but yesterday i went on all of the ones that my dad and brother went on. it was really fun to ride with them, and i enjoyed the rides themselves. last night we just hung out at the apartment. i watched a bunch of episodes from season one of the oc. the more i watch that show the more i think it actually has some really good things to say. granted, last night i watched a few of the steamiest episodes, and i think there are better ways those could have been done, but on the whole i think the show has a lot of value. today we're just haning out, watching football, and eating. i'm looking forward to a nice rest of the day.

one other note: i went to bed at three o'clock pacific time this morning, which is roughly 24 hours after i got up to go to the airport yesterday. it was great.

happy thanksgiving. in a trite end to this post i'm going to give some general thanksgivings, so here it goes:

things i'm thankful for:
creative outlets like writing
days at disney-related theme parks with my family
video games
trips to california
trips to illinois
rock shows
money to pay for things i need
not enough money to make it easy for me to fall into materialism (the vice, not the metaphysical viewpoint)
the oc
other forms of media that make me think, laugh, smile, cry, get frustrated, or open my eyes to the way others feel or think


Alli said...

Josh, I saw your parents when they were coming through La Mirada to see you guys. I'm glad to hear things went well and that you are all still alive. I also have to agree with your list of things to be thankful for (at least most of it) especially the first listed one. Yeah Oregon! Anyway, I hope things continue to treat you well, and I will try to get on your blog more often, but I make no promises. You know how college life can get, a little busy every now and then. Hope you have fun in the next few weeks, and I'll most likely see you over Christmas break. Until then

Krispin Mayfield said...

I love the Splash Mountain picture- hilarious. So hilarious! (And now I go off to declare my own plans quite unrelated to your post.) I was all looking foward to seeing you during Christmas, and then I was given a gift from people in Roseburg and Beaverton: plane tickets. As I've come home for Thanksgiving (and am now freezing in that computer room we used to sweat our mahookins off in last summer), and will be going home for Christmas. Chengdu, that is. I'm flying out the 14th and returning the 5th. I am bummed about not seeing you, but obviously a little ecstatic and shocked that I'll be seeing my family and friends, and going back to a place I wasn't sure I'd see ever again for years. So I take off in 17 days... Ye-uh.